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Strange sound from rear

Verfasst: Samstag 29. März 2003, 11:40
von HansLB
A question from Sweden
I have just become an owner of an Opel Monterey 96- 3,2 with a 4 step automatic trans. When I start the vehicle from stop and turn left or right (but not when I start straight) there is a groan (Like rolling stones) from rear. Any ideas what it could be?


Verfasst: Montag 31. März 2003, 07:53
von Monty
I've got a '98 Monterey 3.5 automatic and had a similiar problem after returning from a caravanning holiday which included a crossing a number of mountain passes. The groan was noticeable only a low speed and while the brakes were still cold.
It appears that the brakes have inadequate reserves under such heavy loads (probably the automatic transmission makes even more demands on them) and all brake linings front and rear as well as the front discs had to be replaced after only 40000km. Once that job was done, the noise disappeared.

Verfasst: Mittwoch 29. Juni 2005, 20:18
von Ansu
Hi there HansLB

I think there is a similar symptom in our Fronti-94; when you are accelerating from standing straight forward no sound or vibration :) But when doing the same with the steering wheel turned there is this kind of vibration from rear. :o The same is happening when towing hill upwards low speed (meaning there is load); driving straight nothing but when turning a bit you can feel it.

For me it's difficult to understand that this has something to do with brakes, instead I am afraid the sound is coming from differential which is not feeling too happy and perhaps needs some attention in near future. :cry: In our car this symptom has been already for a while and there hasn't been any changes lately.

I would be interested to learn experiences from other users who have destroyed their differential what kind of symptoms there has been before?