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How to use

Beitrag von -dirk- » Mittwoch 18. Mai 2005, 08:56

Hi and welcome to Opel (Vauxhall/Holden) & Isuzu 4x4 Forum!

If you're looking for help or you just want to share your newest modification, this is surely the place to be!
Feel free to post almost everthing about your car like your new soundsystem and how to build in or your
new suspension kit or body lift whatsoever!

We like to make this place a most beloved place to be!
Therefore we have a smart rule:
:smoke: Keep it gentle, keep it straight! :smoke:
There will be no need to annoy others! At least we're all adults :wink:


Due to the fact that this is a geman based Page I'd like to translate the functions of those tags and buttons:

Moderatoren = Admin on this page

Benutzer in diesem Forum = User on this page

Neues Thema = New Topic

Foren Übersicht = Forum overview

Alle Themen als gelesen markieren = all topics marked as read

Themen = Topics

Antworten = Answers

Autor = Author

Aufrufe = Hits

Letzter Beitrag = Last article

Siehe Beiträge der letzten = view article of the last

Gehe zu = Goto

Neue Beiträge = newest article

Neue Beiträge (Top-Thema) = Newest Topic

Ankündigung = Announcement

Wichtig = Important


This should help you to navigate through this pages and also help you to
get your topic or answer in!
If there are any questions do not hesitate to send me a private Message (PN).
I will answer immediately!

So this leaves me with nothing else but to wish you a pleasant time
and a hell of fun with this pages!!!

HAVE PHUN !!! :freak: