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Verfasst: Donnerstag 4. Mai 2006, 06:12
von dani4JB1T
HI guys....

Im overhauling my engine. The head cylinder was removed last weekend. I found water inside, lots of heat spots and soot around the liners and piston heads. I have to check if the head cylinder is twisted, hope do not.

Next step is take off the cylinder block, and have a deep look inside. i need to rent a mechanic forklift.

That should be a piston head. Notice the water drops. (maybe they fall when i took off the head cylinder)
Some sulphated zones around.
the head cylinder....can you see the nozzles??...ha :?

Interesting fact is the engine was running very strong....problems were too much oil consumption (only on highways), too much blow by and a weird knock sound.


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According to the book I had a B grade head gasket. What`s the meaning of that ??...the engine was overhauled before or it is just a factory option...?? ...which do i have to buy now ??


Verfasst: Donnerstag 4. Mai 2006, 14:13
von 4x4 driver
I`m sorry,
can`t help so far

Verfasst: Donnerstag 4. Mai 2006, 20:27
von -dirk-
Hi Dani,

I think that the naming "B" just stands for other measurements in the piston protections
and in the gasket thickness!
As you can see in the pic this should be the measurements which are valid for your head gasket.

To be sure just look for the marks given by the declaration on the left of the pic!
It's hard to see on the pic of the head gasket because it's upside down and the marks should be
on the darker side right on the top.

Try to find them and you can be sure!


Verfasst: Freitag 5. Mai 2006, 05:21
von dani4JB1T
yess...Im clear with that part...When I removed the head cylinder i found a 2 notches gasket (that`s the B grade gasket). Now what Im trying to know is if I need to buy the a grade 3 gasket (3 notches...higher) for the overhaul or the stock one I had in my motor....??

Thanks a lot guys for your interest here. Cheers for that !!!

offtopic: Hey Dirk, good to read you goes the band....any gigs ?? Bild

Verfasst: Freitag 5. Mai 2006, 07:40
von -dirk-
Hi again ;)

I would go with a b-gasket just like the one you've had.
Then you can be sure that it will fit and everthing's working fine.

But I'm not that familiar with engines!
I would ask my trusted motor mechanic to be sure ;)

Hey Dani,
thanks for asking! my band is doin' really fine!
if you're interessted just check
the website is completly in english and there are
songs to download ;)

But beware: It's really brutal stuff :freak:


Verfasst: Sonntag 21. Mai 2006, 01:17
von dani4JB1T
Hey Dirk...hope you can find a new bassman soon.

about my overhauling...just have had some troubles finding all the needed things here, so I`d like to know if there are for sale some spare parts kits out there in Germany, and how much they cost ??...guys, any info will be very helpful.

gruss :wink:

Verfasst: Sonntag 21. Mai 2006, 08:47
von -dirk-
Thanks Dani! Hope so too ;)

About your missing parts:
Write them down and I will check if I can find some of them here in Düsseldorf!